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Learn Responsive Web Design and Development

I just finished up my class on Skillshare about Responsive Web Design. I take a responsive web design project from start to finish. I go over all of the basic fundamental techniques used to create responsive websites. The perfect candidate for this course is someone with basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and looking to take their… Read more »

The Writing on the Wall

I learn and work very visually and it’s really helpful for me to draw out my ideas. I was interested in getting a huge whiteboard but then I came across IdeaPaint. It is a substance that you paint on your wall and when it drys, you can use it as a whiteboard. It works great… Read more »

Employee of the Month, Your Website

Your website is most customer’s first impression of your business. It’s second nature now to Google a business when you first hear about it. Imagine for a second that wasn’t the case, imagine one of your Sales Representatives magically appeared when a potential client was interested in your business. What types of characteristics would your… Read more »

Test and Debug Local Sites on iPhones and iPads

I needed to find a way to use browser developer tools to test and debug a local site on touch devices like an iPad or an iPhone. Thanks to Safari, there is a way! Utilizing browser developer tools I couldn’t imagine developing a site these days without browser developer tools. CSS can be a finicky… Read more »

Inspiration from Illustrators

One of my favorite web surfing activities is checking out the work of great illustrators. It is so humbling to see these true craftsman’s work. Here are a few of my favorites: DKNG Their use of texture, layout and style is second to none. I also really appreciate the fact that most of their prints… Read more »