Employee of the Month, Your Website

Your website is most customer’s first impression of your business. It’s second nature now to Google a business when you first hear about it. Imagine for a second that wasn’t the case, imagine one of your Sales Representatives magically appeared when a potential client was interested in your business.
What types of characteristics would your like them to have and what type of message would you like them to communicate?

Clean and Well Dressed

When meeting with a potential client, your Sales Rep. should be well dressed and professional. Good or bad they will leave a lasting impression of your company. The same goes for your website, if your website looks like it hasn’t shaved or showered in a week, the prospective client might look elsewhere.

Clear Message

Nobody likes a boring rambler. Your Sales Rep. should be delivering the most important, relevant information to your potential clients. They shouldn’t be reciting boring plagiarized text in the hopes of sounding like an expert. Almost immediately, your website users should have a clear understanding of what you do and how they can benefit from your services.

Pleasurable Experience

You want clients to enjoy working and interacting with your Sales Rep.  Potential client won’t take the next step if they come off as deceptive, confusing or unpleasant. A website needs to be a pleasurable experience as well. It needs to be easy to use and quickly provide the information users are looking for. People don’t like wasting their time with scams online or in-person.

Budgets are always tight and your business always needs more leads. Before investing money in a new Sales Rep. think about hiring a new website. They never call in sick and you do need to pay for their health insurance.