Inspiration from Illustrators

One of my favorite web surfing activities is checking out the work of great illustrators. It is so humbling to see these true craftsman’s work. Here are a few of my favorites:


Their use of texture, layout and style is second to none. I also really appreciate the fact that most of their prints are manually screen printed.


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Halftone Def Studios

I love their use of solid color. Guys like this inspired me to create my own screen printing press.


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Greg Newman

His realism combined with characterization is incredible.


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Phineas X. Jones

I really appreciate the attention to detail and creative stories behind each piece.


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Dave Mottram

Great cartoon style. The personality of each one characters really shows through.


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Glenn Jones

Amazing creative and funny work. Great collection of t-shirts.


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Craig Henry

A local illustrator with an great geometric style.


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