Rapscallion Beer

Steve, in the very beginning stages of the project was very receptive in learning what direction we wanted to go with the new website but more so, was already aware and educated on what we were all about. This preparation we think was a big part of the overall success of the site. Steve was very flexible and patient in the final stages of the design, while taking our constant comments and changes. We would recommend Foresite Interactive to any start-up or small business looking for a new or upgraded website. We look forward to working with Steve in future projects.

Cedric Daniel
Owner, Rapscallion

I had the pleasure of working with a great local beer company. Rapscallion is a beer company has a rich tradition of recipes dating back decades and even centuries, like Massachusetts’s oldest beer in bars now, the Harvard Lager from 1898. Rapscallion was looking for a new website to display their passion for local and eco conscience business values.

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